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Vision & Mission

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We have often found parents complaining about the fact that their children dislike attending school. Attention, spans of children and their dedication toward education have taken a nosedive in the last decade. However what most people don`t realise is that same children are happier spending hours playing with their latest video game console. So the problem lies in the way education is being “taught.” This means that the subjects that have to be taught are presented in a “PUSH MODE.” The children perceive such education as being imposed upon them.

This means that the usual classroom teaching has become redundant, ineffective and perhaps the least proficient method of imparting education to children. This has resulted in the process of learning becoming tedious and discouraging for the child. Eventually, these futile teaching methods translate into schools being perceived as boring and unwanted by the students. Thus schools practising such incompetent, outdated education methods are doing more of a disservice to our society.

Our mission to be Asia's leading chain of preschools with its branches established across the world. The vision of JIE extends beyond the small walls of classrooms and pages of textbooks.

Our Story

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13th March 2013, was the day when JIE (Joy in Education) was incorporated and with its advent a new phase of early childhood education commenced. Now JIE is an ISO 9001-2008 certified International Company having the presence in more than three countries. The sky is not the limit for the team of JIE. All the members of teamwork for the one and only motive of assisting students to reach beyond the sky. To help students, curriculum and strategies are constantly monitored by the administration which prepares them to succeed in school and in life. Regular board meetings are also recurrently conducted to discuss the various aspects of the administrative procedures and developing certain strategies for the benefit of the students. Our Centres plan and run exciting educational programs to encourage the child’s development. These programs provide a balance between indoor and outdoor plays, as well as time for relaxation.

Management Team

Kawaljeet Singh Talwar (Founder)

The man with nerves of steel and iron determination. Mr Talwar is a first generation self-built entrepreneur. He is well-known Prominent Industrialist and Social worker. He is the founder of JIE Group. His work spans business and social work simultaneously.

His foresight combined with the strength of character has made him a force to reckon with the field of education.

 "He thinks as the saying goes "Your child needs the skill to succeed not just certificate."

Virender Mehta (Advisor)

The name of this master memorizer has figured in the most reputed book LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for his ability to recall randomly selected words from Advanced Oxford Learner's Dictionary at an average timing of 13 seconds. For his extraordinary achievement, he was called on the platform of World's no.1 reality show SHABAASH INDIA to display his unique talent in front of the whole world. He is the one amongst 25 Unusual Indians surveyed by THE WEEK Magazine. He has been awarded by MTC Global Awards 2015 for listing in Top 10 Global Thinkers.

 “We do not teach math, history, science or grammar – we teach students”

Mr.P.K Srivastava (CEO)

M.A (English, Economics & Political Science) M.Ed, Renowned Teacher Trainer & Motivational Speaker with more than 30 years teaching. Member of CBSE Board school affiliation committee believes in an unconventional method of teaching. We practice in the concept that "In early childhood, we may lay the foundation of poverty or riches, an industry of idleness, good or evil, by the habits to which we train your children, teach them right habits and then we feel their future life is safe. "

Priyanka Kulshrestha (Director)

B.Sc & B.Ed and more than 7 years of teaching experience with a passion for teaching and a love of learning to help children for developing physically, academically and emotionally into better citizens. "Every Child is born with all the abilities and teachers have the power and opportunity of nurturing the No- Limitness in children. As the teacher, we passionately aim at our students becoming a seeker of knowledge & learning, rather than being forceful learners"

Awards & Recognitions

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